Toskana Konakları Ovacık

* Each villa has been situated in a manner that each one benefits from the stunning sea view in the same way.

* Each villa has been situated in a manner that each one benefits from the stunning sea view in the same way.

* TOSKANA KONAKLARI project consists of 11 separate 4+1 villas with each one situated in a plot of 800-1000 sqm.

* TOSKANA KONAKLARI is located right beside the village of Ovacık. There are markets, bakeries, groceries, etc, all within walking distance in the village centre.

* TOSKANA KONAKLARI is 4 km to Çeşme city centre, 5 km to Çeşme Marina and Alaçatı and 5 minutes driving distance to clean natural beaches.

Villa cephelerinde ısıcam ve ahşap kepenk standart olarak sunulmaktadır.

* Each villa has a 100 sqm terrace and a 50 sqm infinity pool built in it.

* Floor heating system and interior climate system is used to ensure comfort all year round in all types of climates.

Her bir villanın kendisine ait otoparkı, otomatik bahçe sulama sistemi, artezyen ve basınçlı su sistemi ile daimi sıcak su sistemi bulunmaktadır.

* Landscape designing has been made in harmony with the surrounding vegetation.

TOSKANA KONAKLARI offers you an oasis right beside the vibrant and entertaining world of Alaçatı and Çeşme, with its harmony to the nature, unique architecture, and beautiful sea view together with all the comforts of modern life. You either be a part of the nature that you live inside, or enjoy waters of healing Aegean Sea, or blend in the lively and entertaining world of Alaçatı or Çeşme where you can reach within minutes. TOSKANA KONAKLARI will always be waiting for you right in the middle of your dreams.


Ovacık is a village with constant residents and therefore it is different from any other seaside town.

The village itself is beautiful all year round. In your home at TOSKANA KONAKLARI, you can sunbathe in your terrace by the pool all through the summer, while you can harvest your own olive trees in autumn.

You can watch rain drops fall on your window in the cosiness of the fireplace through winter times and when the spring comes, you can pick artichokes from your neighbour’s farm for the dinner or take a hike among wildflowers in the meadows.

Perhaps a breezy late-summer day you will pick grapes from your vineyard and let them aged in your vault to be the first bottles of wine that you will have produced.

In this fertile land of Ovacık, you can grow organic vegetables, fruits, olives, grapes and enjoy life with your loved ones.

Is there anywhere else you can make the most of all four seasons?